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"It's closer to sunup than sundown. You find yourself at EZ's Smoke Shop - where there's a "scale sale" and your hanging out with characters like punked-out Zerox Roachoid and DJ Stoner - and you know the narcs are out... You're Trafficking" - Michael Highstand   Streets San Francisco


"To play, you assume a character's identity... and travel about the board encountering the numerous real life elements of the cannabis trade." - Steve O'Brien   The Voice


"The point of Trafficking is to sell a kilo of marijuana without getting busted. It features Biff Spliff and other characters such as Fast Eddie Toke, Janet Planet and the Narc, Lieutenant Dick Gumshoe." - Canadian Press   Hamilton Spectator


"Better get it before it's declared illegal or immoral." - Andy Nulman   The Montreal Downtowner


"We couldn't possibly endorse a game like this" -Officer Bill McCormack: Toronto Metro Police    Toronto Sun

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