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June 5, 2000

For Immediate Release



North Hollywood, CA - It s back! TRAFFICKING, the notorious and controversial board game of the mid-eighties - essentially banned in America during Nancy Reagan s infamous "Just Say No" reign - is back in circulation and now available for $24.99 (plus shipping) exclusively at www.trafficking.com.


"It s a fine day in the history of our company," beamed Spaced Earthling, President of the Underground Games Company.


TRAFFICKING is a role-playing board game that spoofs the cannabis trade. The game features eight dealers - Reefer T. Johnstone III, Janet Planet, Zerox Roachoid, Sonny Sgurd, Stephie "Honey Oil" Slick, Biff Spliff, D.J. Stoner and Fast Eddie Toke c pitted against a dedicated, hard-nosed Narcotics Officer, Lieutenant Dick Gumshoe. The object of the game for the dealers is to become the "Traffic King", that is to be the first dealer to sell a kilo of marijuana (36 ounces or "lids") before being BUSTED by the Narc. Should the Narc succeed in busting all the dealers before any sells a kilo, the Narc wins the game.


The Underground Games Company has pegged hometown rock radio station Q-107 in Toronto as the lead media outlet for its latest marketing foray. Two thirty second radio spots featuring the voices of various Trafficking characters will highlight an ad campaign that s scheduled to begin on Sunday, June 11, 2000. The spots will air as part of a sponsorship package with the station's Psychedelic Sunday Show hosted by Andy Frost.


As a game created and initially marketed in Canada in 1983, the Underground Games Company saw sales of TRAFFICKING, slowly but surely top the 10,000 mark - a strong barometer for continued success in other markets. Unfortunately, the seriously conservative political mode of the United States at the time was vigilantly opposed to a game that lampooned an activity as socially disturbing as the buying and selling of marijuana. In one instance, a games store in Riverside, California, after ordering a dozen TRAFFICKING games, sent back the entire shipment, yielding to a protest group promoting a boycott of its business.


Although unavailable for years, the Underground Games Company continued to receive a barrage (well..at times) and out-of-the-blue requests for TRAFFICKING. In response to the clamor, it was determined that the next production run of the game would begin before the end of the century. On December 31, 1999, the latest TRAFFICKING movement was activated with an 8,000 unit production run. Today, the games arrived at the Underground Games warehouse in Pomona, California. Once again…it is time… to… let the good times roll!!


For more information, contact spacedearthling@trafficking.com .

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