Since November of 1983 (when the Toronto Argonauts demolished the BC Lions 18-17 to win their league-leading 11th Grey Cup at the time), the Underground Games Company has been pushing Trafficking, a board game that some have said is the best ever (no guff...and thank you Tom Nucci, Saratoga Springs, NY). Here's Tom's email from February 10, 2009:

"I'm buying the game for a friend of mine. My brother ordered me a copy of the game out of the back of Rolling Stone Magazine years and years ago. Probably that was the original edition. You will be happy to know that we play the game every year around the holidays as a family tradition. The game has only gotten better with age. The snapshot of the 80's era makes it that much more fun. I still have the original copy my brother bought me, some of my friends bought a copy, my brother bought another copy for my sister's family, and now I'm getting this copy for a friend. Congratulations on the best board game ever."
Tom Nucci,
Saratoga Springs, NY

Long story short here -- we are down to our last couple of dozen games that are now available for sale at $420 each. This limited run of what remains in our inventory includes free shipping to any part of the planet as well as an autograph on the copy (if desired) from yours truly. As a heads up, some of the games may also have some additional accessories (Strainwise lighter and plastic baggies) that were part of the 30th anniversary Trafficking celebration promotion in Colorado when the state became the first to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. There is no confirmed date of another production run at this point in just saying.

Thank you to everyone who has bought or played Trafficking that, hopefully, brought your crew many laughs, smiles and scores of fun.

May the winds of civility and change continue to howl across the universe!

Chief Spaced Earthling
Underground Games Company

"Deal Me In"
HighTimes, March 2003

"The game induces merriment!"

"'s totally fun! And twisted!"
Lisa May
Kevin & Bean Morning Show
Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanna say I love the game... It kicks ass!!!... we stayed up for hours on end playing the hell out of it!! Thanx for putting it back out and making it available again."

Ashleigh from
North Carolina

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Ever since TRAFFICKING was launched on November 19, 1983, Gary Lane and the Underground Games Company have been keen activists in supporting the pro-marijuana legalization movement.

In 2003, when Tommy Chong was ridiculously incarcerated for selling bongs, Lane led a brigade at the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade to protest the U.S. government’s lame stand.

The Underground Games Company supports the legalization of marijuana for responsible recreational and medicinal use.

Trafficking is a game spoofing social reality (like it used to be in the old days)….may the winds of change continue to howl!

Trafficking is a registered Trade Mark of the Underground Games Company. All Rights reserved. ©1983-Forever